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What’s Different?

I am not just a wedding planner, but also a wedding designer. I employ Talia Events’ unparalleled Wedding Design Process to empower couples to uncover unique aspects of their lives and then evolve, expand and beautify those to design their wedding. 

Our Wedding Design Process utilizes a series of engaging, fun activities to assist clients in determining what exists in their everyday lives that can become a base for their wedding design. I essentially uncover what’s already there. It goes beyond simply determining if you want chocolate or vanilla cake because only digging that deep makes for a wedding that’s well, vanilla.

I design days that are inspired by the littlest things—your affection for the mountains or the love of lavender—and are infused with the grandest like family and friends, joy and celebration, and your love for each other.

Your wedding is uniquely you. I believe the wedding planning process should reflect that.

Who are we?

I can’t wait to learn about you and thus, think it’s only fair to share a bit more about me. Come over and get to know me, Rachel Hagen, Talia Events’ Founder, Lead Designer and Wedding Consultant.

What’s the story behind our name?

I am often asked the story behind our name. The answer is as complicated as it is simple. Knowing I wanted a timeless woman’s name that was unique, but still easily identifiable, I begin pouring over baby name lists, the names of paint colors and the names of shirts and skirts and pants in an Anthropologie catalog. There were lists and lists adorning my walls.

It was when I learned that Talia is of Greek origin and means blooming, that it clicked. It fit my belief that wedding planning can and should be an organic process, one that unfurls piece by piece rather being constrained and constricted by pressure and stress.