Rachel Hagen

Founder, Lead Event Designer & Wedding Consultant

I do personal. I am inspired by people, normal people like you and me. I love their stories. It’s who I am, but not everything I am.

I am a new mommy. His newfound skill of crawling has me and the dog scurrying for very different reasons–I’m headed toward him while the dog’s scooting away. Tails are just so much fun to grab!

I loved planning my own wedding. The last line of our invitation read, “Dinner, dessert, dancing and ridiculous amounts of joy to follow.” That was important to us.

I love my husband for so many reasons. Yes, he’s everything I dreamed of, but also because he drinks coffee. I made a list of 100 things I was looking for in a guy before I met him–drinks coffee was on it because although I can’t stand the taste, I want to smell it brewing every morning for the rest of my life.

I am a life-long event planner. In over 10 years of professional experience, I’ve coordinated galas and dinners for 300, workshops for 50 and tradeshows for 50,000. I love logistics and details. I always have. I am organized and methodical, but not extreme. I have a junk drawer too.

I see my surroundings in terms of color and shape and texture. As a kindergartner, I would go home and tell my mother everything my teacher wore that day. It is how I view the world.

I am a designer. As a young child I spent hours and hours making my mud pies beautiful before they could be placed in the mailbox oven. I still make things beautiful, but today use my natural aptitude toward design to infuse weddings with the inherent beauty of the personalities, passions and lives of the bride and groom.

I organize M&Ms into color patterns. Of course, doing so leads to the inevitable consumption of the entire bag in too little time—you can’t just have one green in a mix of orange, brown and yellow and no one wants an extra brown that doesn’t fit in the pattern.

I find that my list of books to read continues to grow, all the while, I read and turn pages almost every day.

I grew up in the heart of Midwest, but made stops in downtown Chicago, upstate New York and San Francisco before landing in Colorado. Each place infused its own touch, a gratefulness for sweet simplicity from South Dakota, architecture from Chicago, quaint and cozy from upstate New York and an appreciation of fashion, art and design from San Francisco.

I love to window shop, but have vowed to only buy things I truly adore. I could walk and walk streets and stores for hours.

I grab a stick of Carefree bubble gum each afternoon around 3:00. It’s my late-day pick me up.

I love to travel. I think road trips are romantic. I’ve worn a backpack around Europe. I’ve driven across country 4 times and taken a different route each trip. I’ve been in the jungles of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I visited the farm my grandfather grew up on in Norway and my grandmother’s hometown, London.

I love big earrings and red lipstick.

I adore flowers. If the truth be known, I didn’t put my bridal bouquet down until it was time to dance because I loved it so much. I spent 10+ years of weekends as a floral designer.

I love orange juice, fried egg sandwiches, my Italian husband’s marinara, French macarons, and green tea.

And, I love what I do and the clients I am blessed to work alongside.