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April 6th, 2013


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April 6th, 2013


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January 16th, 2012

Takin’ a Little Blog Break

In honor of the new year and this time for re-examination, we’re taking a little blog break. What will become of it? What’s in store? We’ll keep you posted!

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January 13th, 2012

Patterned Wedding Inspiration: Chevron

It’s crisp, bold and graphical with a bit of an edge. A bit more preppy than stripes, it doesn’t go as far as argyle or harlequin. Chevron is popping up literally everywhere these days and weddings are no exception.

I love chevron for its combination of properties. Although an entire chair apolstered in it is on my wish list, I think that in the context of weddings, it’s best in small quantities. I’d stay away from a line-up of bridesmaids in chevron patterned dresses, but think that bowties or clutches are a fun, unique way to incorporate it. It would also be fitting for a ring bearer pillow or napkin rings. A table cloth in chevron over the desert bar table would certainly draw attention and set that space apart.

We seet it most often as one color and white in combos like a grassy green or navy or raspberry or, in grey and cream or white.  Chevron in a gradiation of similar colors creates an almost ombre feel adds a beautiful casualness more fitting to an Colorado wedding. While chevron in light grey, charcoal, white and black would make an interesting backdrop for a splash of real color like lemon yellow.

If you love chevron as much as I and would like to incorporate it into your wedding day, I’d say it’s probably most suited toward indoor, traditional venues. Chevron and the farm or ranch mix if the lines are blurred and the colors are varied, but the contrast of colors and geometric feel will feel rigid set against Mother Nature’s breeze.

It’s also important to consider the direction of the lines. Much like stripes, the direction can make something seem taller or wider–a good thing for a dessert table filled with beautiful and delicious goodies!

  Chevron wedding on Pinterest Wiley Valentine on Etsy Black Ruffle Brigade on Etsy Doodlelove on Etsy

photos: Pinterest, Wiley Valentine, Black Ruffle Brigade and doodlelove
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January 11th, 2012

Patterned Wedding Inspiration: Faux Bois

According to Wikipedia “Faux bois (from the French for false wood) refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains.” Considering that Colorado is the home of such famous trees as Aspens and Colorado Spruce, incorporating it in your Colorado wedding design makes perfect sense.

There’s no clear beginning and end to this organic pattern making it a top choice for tone on tone texture. Differently than chevron, faux bois seems best suited to tonal colors–cream and tan, two shades of one color or metallic on a natural color. If you’re looking for crisp and clean, it’s probably not your choice. But, if you’d like to incorporate a touch of Colorado’s outdoors without getting too casual or rustic, this is an amazing option.

One of the most common uses is as a texture on an otherwise simple cake. I’ve also seen a number of wedding invitations incorporating the pattern. My favorite, however, may be the faux bois candles that Martha Stewart created. The metallic paint shows off the texture without overwhelming and over-glamourizing the entire look while still keeping it sophisticated and elegant–it’s not bedazzled, but has a hint of glamour.

Faux bois would be a wonderful design thread for a winter wedding in Colorado, but when lightened up a bit, it’s also a great choice for summer or fall.

What to you think? Is it a new, fresh take on incorporating trees and foliage into your Colorado wedding design?

  Magpie Paper Suite il_570xn_198268360_sophie-momo Martha Stewart Weddings Kate Blocher on Etsy


photo credits : Magpie Paper Suite, Martha Stewart, Sophie Momo, Martha Stewart Weddings, Kate Blocher
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January 10th, 2012

Patterned Wedding Inspiration: Quick Reference Pattern Board for Your Wedding Design

I love patterns. Like colors they evoke a feeling, create a look, set a stage. Think of how different the madras plaids of summer are from the classic holiday plaid that emerges every winter. Both the same pattern, but very different takes. Patterns have the potential to take a wedding design from plain teal to peacock feather fabulousness.

This week, I’ll be posting a series of entries on patterns. If I’m honest, I could post about the topic for the next month, but I’ll stick to a week for now. Today, let’s start at the beginning, a refresher in pattern loveliness.

Amy Atlas is the queen of the dessert bar. Actually, that’s not fair, she’s the queen of a lot more; most recently of this fabulous board of a variety of popular patterns. It’s a one-stop shop to put a name to that pattern you saw and like or, to find a new option for you’re wedding design. Thanks Amy!

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January 6th, 2012

Inspired by…

…street art, public art, graffiti. I love cities. I always have. Despite spending my childhood on the Great Plains, I have always loved the hustle and bustle and eye candy that cities provide. I am fed by people, the scenes, the visual stimulation.

I visited my family in South Dakota for Christmas and while there, we drove past a bridge that was my first introduction to graffiti. It was a colorful, beautiful painting of Bob Marley. Long since painted over, it still comes to mind everytime I visit and drive by that bridge.

So today, the dicotomy of street art and South Dakota inspires me.

 photo from Street Art Utopia
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January 4th, 2012

Will you be my bridesmaid? Fun, creative ways to ask your maids

It’s usually not long after getting engaged that couples begin to think about who they want to stand beside them during the ceremony. The decision can be tricky at times, it is always one due some consideration.

If you’ve decided who you’d like to stand beside you while you say your vows, you may be ready to call and ask. Or, maybe you’d like to ask in a different, more creative way. There are a ton of unique cards to do just this. Here’s a glimpse at just a few…

Drippy Ink Cami's Paperie on Etsy Gabrielle Kearney on Etsy Jenuine Paper on Etsy

photos : Drippy Ink, Cami’s Paperie, Gabrielle Kearney, Jenuine Paper


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January 3rd, 2012

Will you…

…be saying “I do” after saying “Yes” over the holidays? Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples!

We’re excited to hear from you and can’t wait to begin discussions of your vision and plans for the day.

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December 19th, 2011


…everything to you and yours this season! Whatever it is you’re celebrating in the coming weeks, all of us at Talia Events wish you blissful times with friends and family.

We’re taking a few days off to enjoy the season and will be back online and in touch in early January.

photo from Pinterest
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