Jill & Mike

design inspiration :: love for family and friends and colored glass, in equal parts

Jill first contacted Talia Events mid-winter. She and Mike were newly engaged an anxious to move forward with plans. We met and talked about their vision for their day.

It wasn’t far into our conversations, however, when Jill and Mike delicately and honestly put a hold on all plans. It might seem like that would be a wedding professional’s worst case scenario. In fact, I was relieved. I feel very strongly that couples should plan a wedding that truly fits them. For Jill and Mike, they found that they were talking themselves into a 150 person wedding at a nearby farm, but it wasn’t actually what they wanted.

They wanted to host a small, intimate wedding with significantly less people. They wanted to get married outdoors and host a dinner reception at their favorite local restaurant, The Kitchen. If there was any theme, it was connections to each other, their friends and family.

With that central motif, we began laying plans and developing the day’s design. Through Talia Events’ Wedding Design Process, I uncovered that the women in Jill’s family have been collecting colored glass for generations. Jill reminisced about playing with her grandparents’ collection and shared her fledgling version. We decided the day’s design would feature glass, her favorite color red and a host of other personal touches. From napkin ring placecards that were made out of craft paper and written in Jill’s unique, calligraphy-like handwriting, to stout and bacon cupcakes to indulge Mike’s sweet tooth, Jill’s lace coverlet and cherry red shoes, Mike’s saxophone serenade as Jill and her father walked down the aisle, a rehearsal dinner at a park near their house with Comida’s food truck and a Mexican woven blanket for each guest and a candlelit dinner reception, no detail was happenstance.

By stopping and slowing down the process and taking time to really reflect on what they wanted and how their day could truly be theirs, Jill and Mike set the stage for a beautiful, heartfelt day.