Michelle & Eric

design inspiration: the bright orange and grass green on Michelle’s favorite tote bag

Michelle called Talia Events about a year prior to their wedding and said that she’d been reading our blog for a bit and was certain we were the people to help her bring her wedding day to life.

We met over coffee and employed Talia Events’ distinct process for delving into what makes a couple unique and how that beautiful uniqueness can come to life at their wedding. It was during one of our first discussions that she mentioned in passing her affection for her tote bag. As we talked further, we established that she loved the colors in it and she was excited about employing our creative eye to construct a day that was infused with tasteful touches of those colors.

We spent the next several months exploring their love for orange and grass green, wheat grass, the outdoors and wood rounds. With a bit of our special tending, their ideas blossomed, as they so often do at Talia Events, into a day that was sun-kissed with the late summer colors of her tote.

It was proof that with a bit of unconventional, but delightful digging, your life, your things and your story can provide inspiration for a wedding that is significantly more personal than the standard, seen-it-all-before wedding ceremony and reception.