modyarn styling

Denver wedding designdesign inspiration :: late winter in Colorado with a modern touch incorporating everday household materials

Friend and fellow Colorado-based wedding vendor, Janine Schmenk from makeup by janine emailed me and asked if I’d like to put together a Styled Shoot. As luck would have it, this idea had been rolling around in my mind, figuratively and, I suppose, literally.

I have always loved mobiles and things that hang from the ceiling. I’ve been eyeing modern chandeliers made from string for a couple of years and thought it would be fun to create one of my own. I wanted something modern, but cozy–I described it several times as the kind of modern that you’d actually want to live in and not just look at in a store window or magazine.

I created a chandelier by clustering a handful of yarn globes together. It was reminiscent of light, airy snowflakes appropriate for late winter in Colorado.  To balance the airiness of the chandelier, I rolled balls of yarn of different sizes to cluster together in the center of the table. I wove in metallic threads to create depth and add a hint of sparkle befitting of a wedding. The motif was continued by crossing strings of yarn over a round table covered in a creamy ivory textured linen—the table became a third rendition and a ball of yarn all on its own.

Joining the balls of yarn on the table were glass cylinders of varying heights that had been slipped into the sleeves of sweaters. Each held a candle or a tightly-packed cluster of white flowers. The flowers added texture and freshness while the glow of candlelight through the knit of the sweater added warmth and interest.

It’s perfect fit for the earliest days of spring in Colorado when the glam and glitter of the winter holidays has past, but the crocus and tulips haven’t yet poked their heads out from under the white snow that so often falls in March and April.