Rachel & Sal

design inspiration :: celebrating our families, friends and heritages

Sometimes, a wedding’s inspiration isn’t so much a thing or a flower or a color, but an experience. There are whimsical, playful weddings. There are also more sophisticated and elegant weddings. Ours was to be a celebration.

We wanted, above all else, to showcase the joy we felt about marrying each other and delight that so many friends and family were there to join us. Our invitation read:

Dinner, dancing and ridiculous amounts of joy immediately following the ceremony.

It was important to us.

A joyful celebration was priority number one. Behind that, it was all about the flowers. Finally, it was important to both of us to get married outdoors, surrounded by Boulder’s beauty. With that, our wedding’s mission was set.

It was a blissful, deeply personal┬áday that I’m honored to share.