travel kitsch styling

design inspiration :: state plate travel kitsch and classic Americana

I have been collecting (much to friends’ and mother’s uncertainty of their worth) state plates for a few years now. They are just so kitschy and so, well, wrong, that I think they’re fabulous.

When Jenna Walker and I started talking about me designing a table for her Substance workshop, I offered a couple ideas in the Style File. Substance was a gathering of 15 budding women photographers there to talk craft, art, work and so much more. I would be lying to say that I wasn’t thrilled when she chose the state plate design over others, offering me the chance to create the table that had been building in my mind alongside my state plate collection.

The table and shoot as a whole was designed to be a different take on a travel theme–rather than pastel colored maps and European backpacker inspired details, it’s highway, interstate or Route 66 kitsch! With old license plates tied to the backs of the chairs, brightly colored glassware, a vintage VW Bug with a Coca-Cola box tied on top and bottles of Bubble Up thrown in, it’s pure Americana.